Halloween is right around the corner! Hosting a great Halloween party doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is the perfect theme!

Themes tie a party together, they inspire competition, they give guests an extra hand in coming up with a costume, and above all, they are easy to organize.

Check out these themes for an unforgettable Halloween party and remember to call us for the perfect menu!


Willy Wonka- There are many ways to incorporate candy into your theme. After all, isn’t Halloween all about the candy? Let Willy Wonka inspire you! Use candy as the theme of your invitations and decorations, and don’t forget to call Jason’s Catered Events and ask about our customized candy stations!


Autumn Harvest- Perhaps scary costumes aren’t what you’re going for. For those of you looking to throw a low-key & classy Halloween party, you may consider a fall-theme for your soiree. There are many places to find the perfect décor. From pumpkins, to colored leaves and sticks, you could easily decorate on a budget.  Give your guests that cozy feeling with warm apple cider and pumpkin pie. And if you’re looking for a scrumptious, Fall-inspired meal, we can create your customized menu today!


Carnival- Carnivals can be both fun and scary! Whether you go with the traditional theme of popcorn, cotton candy and games, or with the twisted and scary theme of monsters and side-show freaks lurking around every corner, you’re sure to throw an unforgettable party! Jason’s Catered Events is no stranger to this theme. We can give your event that extra push with a Fresh Pretzel Station, a Cotton Candy Station and so much more!


Freak Show- The Circus Side-Show is always a head-turner! Turn your own party into a circus freak show. Ask your guests to dress up in the freakiest costumes they can think of! From the Bearded Lady to the two-headed woman and every one in between, your guests will be sure to turn some heads!


Monster Mash- Halloween is the perfect time to throw a Monster Mash! Guest can dress up as they’re favorite monster and dance the night away to the famous song. Consider a menu that reflects this theme. Dishes like Meatloaf shaped as something spooky, or pudding cups with Oreo topping and gummy worms could be popular among the Frankensteins, ghosts and goblins!


Alice in Wonderland- With all of the spooky and crazy characters in Alice in Wonderland, this theme would be perfect for an awesome Halloween Party! Use teacup décor and incorporate games such as croquet or cards to wow your guests! Invite your friends to dress up as different characters, such as the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, Alice or even the Queen of Hearts! With a sweets station of Heart-shaped cookies or a key-shaped cake, how could you go wrong? It would be hard not to attend a party that is described as “The Rabbit Hole” on the invitation!


Halloween is a great time to show what kind of themed parties you can create! Remember to call Jason’s Catered Events for your customized menu today!